Brown University Biomedical Engineering Program Receives Full Six-Year Accreditation

After a complete review, the undergraduate program in biomedical engineering at Brown University has received ABET accreditation through September 30, 2017.

“This is the best possible result,” said Dean Larry Larson, “and represents a major accomplishment for the Center of Biomedical Engineering, the School of Engineering and the Division of Biology and Medicine.”

The external ABET evaluation team examined all aspects of the curricula, student outcomes and feedback from alumni and students, and determined that the Brown biomedical engineering program met the standards for a full six-year accreditation, the longest possible result.

“This is a well deserved recognition of excellence,” said Edward Wing, Dean of the Warren Alpert Medical School, “and an acknowledgement that Biomedical Engineering brings together faculty from Engineering, BioMed and our affiliated hospitals for an outstanding curriculum.”

The review was led by Professors Anubhav Tripathi and Jeffrey Morgan, co-directors of the Center of Biomedical Engineering with assistance from faculty, staff and students who worked on the preparation of the materials for the review.

“As an Ivy League university competing for today’s brightest students and faculty, Brown biomedical engineering offers an opportunity for scholarship in a burgeoning multidisciplinary context where the synthesis of life sciences and engineering creates new knowledge and real solutions for modern medical care,” said Tripathi.   


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