Aerospace Engineering - A Compelling "Intelligent Design" Analogy - Argument Ignored By Darwinists

"Intelligent Design" - in perhaps no field of intellectual endeavor among the numerous outstanding achievements of human-kind - has the pursuit of specialized knowledge, plus imagination and creativity, plus a rationalizing, discriminating judgment been so manifest as in the field of aerospace engineering - during the half-century following inauguration of the Wright brothers "heavier-than-air" flight. Driven by the concept of competitive business survival (precisely as with all living creatures in Earth's history - competing for survivability features), what has evolved has been the achievement of optimization - performance or cost efficiencies - for each type of aero-space-craft, across the full spectrum of vehicles: from military supremacy (for fighters, second-place means death), to triple supersonic B-70 bombers, to giant commercial sub-sonic aircraft, to the Mach 2 Concorde, to small private aircraft, to exploratory spacecraft to reach the moon, and to Space Shuttle to reach Space Station). These pioneering air-space-craft evolved through intelligent specialization of every facet, factor and feature involved in the engineering process, optimized for each type and size of vehicle - precisely as "nature" (somehow applying the "intelligent design" function) utilizes common basic characteristics, optimized across the spectra of living creatures: life-sustaining blood fluid and transmission vessels, from arteries to capillaries to veins; the heart pump with its valves and compartments; lungs; legs; arms; fingers; eyes; ears; sexual organs with evocative and sensory elements; dual-function waste removal system; etc. Each feature is specialized for each creature's unique size and need, (completely at odds with Darwinism - its proclaimed "Theory" supposedly relying entirely upon simple, haphazard-mutation-causality).

In every major aerospace organization there are groups of engineering specialists who spend their entire careers studying, testing, and optimizing each possible field involved in the meticulous process of aero-space engineering, the analytical sciences: aerodynamics, thermodynamics, materials and processes, stress analysis, dynamics, weight analysis; then the designers, drawing up the components: structures, engine and power plants, propellers to jet engines. And within such groups there are sub-category specializations, experts devoted entirely to wings, to tail surfaces, to fuselages, to landing gears, to engine mounts, etc., with constant testing of failure modes, such as aero-flutter and structural-fatigue, as well as with simple excess dynamic "g-factor" overloads. Structural materials are selected based on application temperatures and strength allowables: steel, aluminum, titanium, high-temperature metallurgical alloys and filamentary composites; detailed design is based on structural load levels: simple stiffened skin, light formed "zees" to heavy extruded "hat" sections; to highly-loaded sandwich structures, either truss-core or honeycomb, either brazed or diffusion-bonded.

The above developments, however, make up only half of the process - providing the building-block fundamentals for each engineering discipline (analogous to accumulation of animal data on all "eye" types; on all arm-leg joints and articulation limits; on all forms of the "heart" function, etc.). In addition, therefore, the Engineering process requires a "Program" group, which cuts across all the above specialty "feature" areas, with the single-minded objective of optimizing each specific vehicle - each "feature" being sized, modified and tailored to precisely fit the needs for maximum efficiency of the overall vehicle system. (Note: absent "intelligent design" for Darwin-Evolutionism, there can be no such counter-part for the cross optimization process - "believers" in Darwin-Evolutionism must place credence entirely upon accidental, haphazard mutation "errors" during generational duplication of DNA coding - hardly probable as credible "science".)

Dr. Charles Darwin was, however, a true scientist - visiting the Galapagos Islands in 1835, he saw unusual creatures which he analyzed, reporting his findings and subsequent theory to the world. In particular, he noted eleven types of beak shapes of finch birds, which had evolved to exactly and uniquely match the flower bulbs from which they extracted seeds, their food sources - matching beak and bulb shapes in various, discrete areas of the islands. He then evolved the theory that, over time, any accidental change in shape which permitted easier access to that particular flower,bulb's seeds, increased that bird's survivability - passing on such improved capability to generational offspring. From this, Darwin developed his theory of "natural selection", "survival of the fittest".

Darwin's Theory swept across America and Europe, capturing the minds and imaginations of the intellectual elite - presenting as it did, a plausible rationale and argument which eliminated the necessity of belief in a Creator (or God) for all the marvelously-efficient creatures extant on Earth - including humans. Belief in Darwin-Evolutionism exploded across the civilized world, popular magazines head-lined articles of various fossil finds, all feasible features of which were so interpreted as to support "natural selection". Academia, from secondary schools through graduate levels, began teaching that Darwin-Evolution Theory was proven fact - supplanting biblical creation or "Intelligent Design" - such belief reinforced by court rulings.

While cautionary voices were raised in opposition, they were however, largely dismissed as only religion-based denials of "science", with little space provided in main-stream media for broad readership. A compelling (but little known) story was that of Dr. Charles Walcott, paleontologist and Director of the Smithsonian Institute, who discovered 60,000 fossils in the Canadian Rockies a century ago. It was the greatest fossil find ever, including all extant creatures since the Cambrian Age, 530 million years ago. What Dr. Walcott did then was indicative of the formidable power (and fear) of Darwinian belief - he took the fossils to the Smithsonian and re-buried them in basement lockers (only recently rediscovered). His unprofessional action had only one objective - to protect his career, the fossils clearly proving the implausibility of Darwinian theory - there was no evidence of "missing links" - and there was insufficient time for the theoretical haphazard mutations to have evolved into all the creatures represented by the fossil finds.

There was also the Pajaro Dunes conference, a gathering of a dozen world class scientists who met at a small California beach community a dozen years ago - exchanging data and arguments challenging Darwin theory. An example used was the mousetrap - until all five elements were in existence it could not function - a "dead end" when coupled with Darwin's supplemental theory, "If mutations did not increase survivability, they would die out in the progeny". This posed astronomical improbabilities to the basic theory of fortuitous mutations - while the shape of beaks, a tertiary feature, might be obtained in a few generations, basic and major changes of the factors which discriminate between lions and giraffes, thus the mutational changes required - was a scientific "destroyer" of the theory. They also focused on the common bacterium, with its rapidly rotating whip-tail flagellum - microscopic in size, but duplicating all the elements of a humanly-engineered, 40-part outboard motor.

There is also a most compelling argument of pure logic, contradicting Darwin-Evolutionism - buttons and button-holes. No rational mind would deny that both "design" and "intelligence" played roles in the creation of a garment (round buttons and slit buttonholes, for ease of donning, fastening at throat and wrists, security of holding, ease of removal). However, for the infinitely more complex analogous sexual organs and features of respective male and female counterparts -across the complex spectra of creatures: mice to mammoths, birds to elephants - the intellectual elite of the world somehow insist - it all just came about by pure, sequential chance, "natural selection" and "survival of the fittest".

However, the Darwinist do not need true science or logic - they own the turf: liberal academia and the courts have given them visceral control of the subject - permitting the scrapping of wonderment, of true science and logic - how did all the world's complex, wonderful creatures - absent an "intelligent designer" - come to exist?


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