Hexagon Shaped Inflatable Probe for Space Telescope Considered

Recently, I had submitted a concept to a small team of former graduate students from MIT working on an alternative wind project. Their DOE funded concept involves a flying venturi-tube with a wind generator inside. Just from what I know about aerodynamics, I can say that their design is completely flawed, and I see many changes needed - I am indeed, surprised they got it funded, as it's not good enough, besides as a taxpayer, I now question everything the DOE funds.

You see, their device is flown like a kite, thus a high angle of attack, while the wind turbine inside is not facing directly into the prevailing relative wind. I'd have thought that a group of graduate students would be smarter than this and put in some slats or leading edge modifications - because as it stands "it won't work" and is liable to put excessive wear on the shaft bearings turning the turbine - bad design.

However, in looking at this device, I see another even better use for such a lighter-than-air flying venture-tube. Let me explain my idea; you know if a real group of private space engineers were to make such a device an inflatable space probe, then they could "park a telescope inside" of the inflatable wind-tunnel. The inflatable space probe should be hexagon shaped, not rounded.

Then it would be floated up into the upper atmosphere and have rockets on it for the final stage in achieving velocity, then once on its way into orbit the delivery system would jettison the rockets back to Earth, the rocket boosters would have an outside skin with a similar inflatable hexagon ring-wing device to allow them to glide back to earth for retrieval.

It would be excellent for that purpose, the outside skin of the space probe being a solar panel wrap around to power it up. Consider Bigelow Aerospace design - I mean if a few graduate students can send a paper airplane into space, and Bigelow can send up an inflatable orbiting space station, then why not send up a telescope with an inflatable system around it. This idea and concept of mine is just an exercise - but it's the type of innovation which could get funding.

What is learned by development of this project could indeed, open doors to potential new materials to be used for other important purposes such as military purposes and making alternative energy. Besides, we need a few more pairs of space telescopes to find all the NEO (Near Earth Objects) out there. Please consider all this.


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