Google Sky Helps You to Discover the Space

This time Google has surpassed itself. After to give us the Earth software through which admiring the most beautiful landscapes, now it allows us to explore the universe. That will be possible with Google Sky, the last success of the American company, a program able to represent with an accuracy without previous all the wonders of the space. From today the Milky Way, the remoter galaxy of Andromeda and nebulas are for all to little click of mouse of distance thanks to the new plan of the Californian enterprise.

The innovation has been revealed two days ago. Thanks to an improvement of the famous program that supplies a 3D visual of the surface of Earth. Using the Sky modality, active selecting one small icon, you can look at the images detailed of 100 million stars and 200 million galaxies, having the impression to move in the deeper space. In the plan there is also a little piece of Italy. Google Sky in fact, has been developed from the American astronomer Carol Christian and the Italian Alberto Conti for the Space Telescope Science Institute of Baltimora, responsible of the Hubble telescope. Beyond to the images of the program financed from NASA, Sky uses approximately one million of photos coming from various centers of search, such as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the Palomar Observatory of California Institute of Technology.

The way of the space has already been undertaken from Google in 2006 with Google Mars and Google Moon that had offered to the customers the possibility of a virtual flight on the red planet and the moon. Initiatives confirmed from the Space Agreement Act of the December of the same year, a agreement with the space agency of the USA to provide to Google the more interesting images collections from Hubble. In any case programs that concur to visit the universe already exist: open source as Stellarium or software like Starry Night of the Imaginova. Microsoft however is not to watch and is already planning the World Wide Telescope, very similar to Google Sky. According to the space engineer of Google, And Parsons, interviewed yesterday from the Bbc, "the other applications" not deal with a public with developed scientific competences,but, without to preview direct economic consequences, are interested in a mass market ".

The presupposition does not lack: if the luminous pollution is rendering more and more difficult to see the celestial sky and nocturnal bodies, they are still able to feel and to leave open mouth. Google Sky, on which at the moment they have been charged 125 images, will be equipped from astronomical guides, animations on the life of stars and moon phases. Every astronaut will be able to mark on the own map the preferred sky corners.


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