The Important Role of Carbon Fiber In The Field of Engineering

Probably the well-accepted field that we can consider across all courses by all ages is the field of engineering. Parents love it when they heard of their children quickly mention the word "engineer" when asked what their ambitions in life would be. Their faces look more radiant when finally, they get to attend their now grown kids' graduation day as they march and get their diploma. Finally, they have their own engineers!

But what is it with engineering that made it so loved by almost all people? For one, engineering is a diverse discipline. Almost every where we look at, we see traces of engineering. There are aerospace, civil, electrical and mechanical, to name a few, not to mention the many other sub-engineering fields within those mentioned. No wonder, this field is a vital part of our lives. What is more remarkable to think about are the materials applied to these various engineering fields. It is a known fact that the metal used in one field can also be used by another field in a totally different application, yet equally important project! Carbon fiber is one trusted material for this.

It is imperative to know what and how these fibers are composed so that we may learn to appreciate this material even more. For instance, it is considerably awesome to think that this material is consists of intensely thin and fine threads of fibers no more than 0.0015 to 0.010 micro meters in diameter. But the greatest part here is that each filament is composed of thousands of carbon atoms. It is generally factoid that carbon alone as an element is highly stable. It has magnificent strength and can withstand high temperature. What more if this substance is multiplied a thousand times into carbon atoms, and then spun together with the help of the tiniest crystals not seen by the naked eyes! We are talking about strength a thousand times! When these fibers form an alignment, the pattern created form a much stronger material.

It brings us no surprise then that this same material may be considered as a vital engineering tool. In aero space engineering, for instance, trust the properties of carbon fiber like its physical strength, light in weight and specific toughness. This has been an essential part of some air frame parts and applications widely used, like ailerons, strut fairings, wing parts and even the vortex generators.

In the field of Civil Engineering, since it is basically dedicated to design, maintenance and construction of roads, bridges and the likes, it deals largely with the said fibers as well for the construction and re-construction of bridges, dams, buildings and canals. In this field alone, there are many uses of this material that it made its way from public sectors, to more domesticated private homeowners.


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